Welcome to my website. Some time ago Johnie wrote to me that, after almost 15 years, he 'd grown frustrated and tired with keeping his website going and was thinking about closing it. I understood his feelings after all those years, but I've enjoyed being able to share my photographs through the Babul Galleries he's put up for me and seeing the works of others posted to the Guest Gallery, so I asked him if I could take over. Johnie put me in touch with the photographers that have been making recent contributions to the Guest Gallery and they welcomed the idea as well. Of course, new photographers are always welcome to contact me if they have original work they'd like to share through this website.

I want to dedicate this website to all the people, past and present, who have taken the many wonderful pictures and to those who have scanned old books and magazines and then had the courage and taken the time to share them on the Web. I'd like to give special thanks to Johnie as well for all his hard work throughout the years.

  Regards, Babul