On many occasions during the past years, my work has taken me to the country of India. I've always been the adventurous sort and often find ways to stretch those business trips into long vacations allowing me time to explore India on my own. During those times, I've come to embrace the people, the culture and the beauty which is India and even adopted some practices and customs of its inhabitants.

During my stays in India, I've seen many places and made many friends, both old and young alike. As an avid amateur photographer, I almost always have my camera at hand and am always snapping pictures. I like both portrait and landscape photography and there is never a shortage of subjects to photograph in India...especially the children. During my daily walks it's not unusual for children to run up to me and ask, almost demand, that I take their picture.

Please use only an anonymous e-mail address to contact me for the password. There are several like Protonmail, Tutanota and Hushmail, to name a few.

My email: bikram.babul@protonmail.ch